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Types of transmission for cars

The types of transmission of cars are one of the most important things that he likes to identify before buying any type of different cars, as the type of transmission within any car plays a role in determining the price, as well as has a role in knowing the strength of the car and its torque and other details, let's address all the information about those types and its different information.


What is the transmission in the car

Before identifying the types of transmission for cars, you should know what the transmission is basically:

  • It is the arm in the middle between the front chairs of the car or next to the steering wheel.
  • The shape and size of the transmission varies depending on the type of vehicle, and is linked to the gear box.
  • This box contains a number of gears that come in different sizes and sizes depending on the type of car.
  • This arm or carrier moves gears so that they are mounted on each other gradually.
  • Speed and torque are increased by shifting gears inside the box, or vice versa if you want to reduce speed.

Manual transmission: -

The manual carrier is one of the most important types of transmission for premium cars, with a special system and a work system that follows:

  • It's the traditional type of car that different types of cars have started, depending on the movement arm being moved to move the torque through it.
  • Despite the great development in the automotive world, most modern cars so far operate in this system.
  • Large or small gears are installed to manually determine speed, a unique test for experienced people.
  • It has a lot of unmatched features, including that it's fuel-efficient, accelerating gradually.
  • However, it is felt that it is not suitable for people with poor concentration, or people who want to rest more.

Types of automatic lime:-

The automatic transmission is one of the best types of transmission for many drivers, including:

Smooth transmission

  • It doesn't manually shift gears like a manual carrier, it changes the interlock ratio.
  • This type is thought to be bad at acceleration and slow in the process, although it is characteristic in fuel savings.

Dual-knob transmission

  • This type is distinct from the previous type in that it is likely to have a large number of laps at once and therefore withstands high performance.
  • This type of transmission is used in sports cars in particular.

Steptronic transmission

  • It is a unique type of transmission that is used in modern cars.
  • It is a type that combines the features and characteristics of both the automatic carrier and the manual carrier.

Features and disadvantages of automatic transmission

There are many features and disadvantages of the automatic transmission between the types of transmission for cars, including:


  • Smooth and extremely easy to move and use compared to manual transmission.
  • Helps the driver control the vehicle and its safety factors, providing a greater chance of focusing on driving.
  • Suitable for crowded places and beginners more than professionals.


  • Its purchase cost is significantly higher compared to the manual type.
  • The cost of fuel is also significantly higher than the manual carrier.
  • Poor professionalism and low driving skill due to the fact that most driving systems are automatic.
  • Less acceleration than manual carrier making it a less desirable type for professionals.

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